Welcome to this new website. Here we are dealing with old / new trends, inspirations and background of poetry in its cross-media character and of the performed word-world. We link to and talk about it, we criticize or designate what is happening with and in contemporary poetry, which deals with interdisciplinary forms of expression (or has to deal with?).

We are authors / poets who can distinguish themselves by publications and by experience which we have gathered as editors and publishers of literature magazines and anthologies, as literary critics, essayists or initiators of festivals, literary actions and by Blogs experiences, that deal with contemporary poetry. Also, the interest in interdisciplinary forms of expression connects us and the question where author and text shall be found in the future, where and how poetry changes (must change?) and how it opens to other arts / media (and does it has to open?) without loosing its power (or could it gain some?).

Poetry is lost? Is „post-„? Technical form, book and body, singularity of language, tonality, avantgarde, tradition, expression, statement, philosophy, reflection, beauty, revolution and magic. Where is all this and does it matter? Are there „new visions“ or is it just enough to enjoy and wander through the random luxury of poetic productivity? Do poets and texts still belong to each other? Do we are lost in all day wording and neologism? Is poetry a tool, a treasure, a weapon, a blizzard, a cloud? Is all poststructural or even pop? Are all these anyway important questions?

Well, we don’t know.

LOST in POSTpOETRY started as a literary art experiment, launched in September 2011 as a poetic performance for Berlins young literaturehouse Lettrétage, curated by Carolin Beutel with the following announcement text:

The Poet and his text – a relationship with no escape? What is the position of the writer to his text and how is text becoming independent from the author, how it follows a different direction or how is it lost? Jinn Pogy invited the Poets Norbert Lange and Mara Genschel and sound artist Elen Flügge, to enter the orbit of poetic relations, navigations and loss of text, sound (voice), object, purpose and poetry.

This site is permanently under construction, please visit us more often to keep the track of what’s happening. Thank you.

Questions, comments and suggestions please contact Jinn.Pogy@googlemail.com

! Writers (english and spanish speaking) who have already been published a book in a publishing house and artists of all disciplines (pls send examples of your wok and Link to your webpage) are pleased invited to submit essays, articles and Works on the subject. Contact, see above.

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„There ain’t no answer. There ain’t gonna be any answer. There never has been an answer. That’s the answer.“ (Getrude Stein)


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